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Freedom to work where you wanted, when you wanted, and only on projects that excited you.

Freelancing was your ticket to the good life.

Now, you’re just completely and totally exhausted. 

I get it. I’ve been there.

I know that you’re working too many hours a week, with not enough to show for it. That you barely eat lunch, and when you do, you eat it at your desk. I know that you feel like you have to be “on” all the time to serve your clients. That you feel like you’re at their beck and call, answering their every whim, dropping everything you’re doing just to “make one more tiny revision.”

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That’s okay. I’ve been there, too. And I can tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m Nikki Z, and I help freelancers go from feeling burnt out & stuck to abundant AF by teaching them how to turn their expertise into courses and digital products, so that they can work less and make more.

I invite you to look around. I have free content on my podcast and blog, a group coaching program, and one-on-one coaching for freelancers just like you who want to break free of the time-for-money trap and finally become abundant AF.

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It was the height of my freelancing career. I was fully booked with clients, providing content creation and marketing services. I did it all – writing, graphic design, video production and post-production, social media management, project management, and web design.

It was my best month yet. I made $7,000 in May.

And then I hit the wall and sank into total and complete burnout.

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I was working 8+ hour days without breaks. I’d eat lunch at my desk, if I ate at all. I allowed myself to be at the beck and call of my clients, answering their every whim as soon as they had it. Answering every call, every email, and every text immediately. 


All of these distractions, led to unfinished projects piling up & an emotional rollercoaster I didn’t know how to stop.

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I had created a freelancing business that was more difficult than having a job. I was so discouraged that I applied for a marketing position at a corporation. “At least employees get breaks, paid time off, and benefits,” I thought to myself as I sent in my resume. I even went as far as to interview. 

I wasn’t hired.

After I was rejected, the man who interviewed me reached out. He told me that I was a brilliant marketer and that I didn’t get the job because would stifle my creativity. He urged me to focus on my freelancing business instead.

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I knew I couldn’t continue on in the way I had been. If I kept working that hard, I would never be able to create the life of time freedom and abundance I craved. 

So I came up with a new plan. 

That plan was to turn my expertise into online courses and digital products, so that I could make more impact and income, without taking on more clients. A plan that would allow me to leverage my time and never have this feeling of burnout again.

Content Creation Workbook.png

It was a low-cost PDF workbook designed to help business owners come up with a consistent content strategy and create valuable content for their blog and social media accounts.

I launched that product on August 1, 2018, and I just knew it was going to bring in over a thousand dollars on my first launch.

It didn't.png

The launch brought in about $200, and around $50 was spent on Facebook advertising (talk about expensive leads!) I recognized that I didn’t know anything about launching products and if I wanted to create an abundant online business, I needed help.

So I hired a coach to teach me how to reach six figures in my business.

 My business went through so many makeovers after that, trying to figure out exactly who I wanted to serve and getting my messaging “just right.” 

I tried on a bunch of hats, too. I used to manage Instagram accounts for several dispensaries back when I worked for them, took over the Instagram accounts of multiple clients and grew their audiences through content marketing, so I thought I would teach Instagram.

Lit Instagram.png

It had mild success. Not too long after, I realized that teaching Instagram didn’t quite give me the level of excitement I expected. So I took another angle.

I created and launched my first group coaching program, Fierce AF, in late March of 2019.

Originally, Fierce AF was all about how to confidently show up as the leader for your tribe. Then, when I was out to lunch with my cousin, I had an epiphany.

I was regaling a tale of a freelancer I had hired for a client of mine that hit his first unpaid vacation, freaked out, and got a job. As I was telling her about this person, I suddenly realized:

Break free.png

I am here for the freelancer who has to work extra hard right before vacations so that they have money to live off of during that time.

I am here for the freelancer who is overworked and exhausted.

I am here for the freelancer who just wants to have that life they’ve been dreaming of.

I am here to help freelancers become abundant AF.

I changed the messaging of Fierce AF and some of the course content. I took five people into this program – freelancers and coaches – and together, we created a program that teaches how to design your business to be abundant, create your first online course, and market it to your audience.

Work Hours in Half.png

I went from working 8 hours a day to 4 hours.

This shift caused a ripple effect of positive change in my life.

 Now that I work less, I have more energy. I have time for my hobbies and to go out with my friends. I am more present with my husband. I have the time and money to travel. I laugh more. I am even eating healthier.  

Turning my services into courses and digital products not only transformed my business, it changed my entire life for the better. 

I invite you to do the same for your freelancing business. I am now accepting students into my program, “The Abundant Freelancer: From Burnt Out & Stuck to Abundant AF.” When you book a free private session with me, you will be offered first priority to grab a seat in the program, which begins on September 23, 2019.



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