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Nikki Kahl is a Los Angeles native, now residing in the Mojave Desert. Her journey as a freelancer began in 2010 with photography, video and graphic design services. Since then, she has expanded her expertise to include branding services ranging from content creation and marketing, freebie and product design packages, as well as one-on-one and group coaching packages.

After spending years refining what it meant to be a professional freelancer, mastering customer service and productivity techniques, it has become her mission to help other freelancers and solopreneurs become their version of success. She is currently working on a series of guides for The Abundant Freelancer and is constantly trying and refining new techniques that she shares with her audience on social media.

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the content creation workbook: your guide to creating an awesome diy content strategy

The Content Creation Workbook is an interactive guide to help passionate solopreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and startups create their own complete content strategy for their blog or social media that will keep the content flowing for months to come.

If you're tired of trying to figure out what to post on your blog and/or social media day in and day out, this workbook will guide you through a tried and true process for opening the floodgates of your inspiration. In The Content Creation Workbook, you will uncover untapped topics for you to post about in your niche and brainstorm ideas for each topic so that you will never run out of valuable content to post!

“I was lucky to have been an early receiver of this workbook and it was really helpful. I didn't know much about content marketing but this was pretty easy to plug-and-play and I could churn out a month's worth of content in about one evening!”
- Rashmi B.

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Simple & Clean Font

Simple & Clean is a custom, handwritten font for branding and design purposes. The purchase includes a license for both personal and commercial use, so once you buy, you have the right to use it for all your creative projects!

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The Abundant Freelancer: Get Paid For Every Minute You Work Micro-Guide

This micro-guide is for the abundant freelancer who wants to maximize their income threshold. It features a template and techniques for recording your hourly output so that you can charge what you're worth.

Though primarily targeted for those who operate on an hourly rate, it is also useful for freelancers who work on a per-project basis, as the techniques within help you audit yourself so you can make sure you're quoting at a rate that is fair to you!

As freelancers, it is so easy to accidentally underquote a client for a project. Knowing exactly how long a type of project takes you for the first draft, then any addition edits thereafter, can help you accurately quote so that there are no surprises for your client, or for you later.

It’s time to get paid for every minute you work!


Get Your Free Content Strategy Worksheet

Got posting paralysis? You're not alone.

Without a content strategy, coming up with fresh content to consistently post on your blog or social media is no easy task. And we all know, consistency is the key to success in the online space.

The Abundant Freelancer Content Strategy Worksheet is designed to help you brainstorm topics relating to your business that will add value to your audience and give your content the spice of variety. Enter your email to get the download link! 



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