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Waking up early every day to rush out of the house and sit in traffic while I dreaded another 8 hour marathon of editing videos I didn’t care about was not what I imagined when I was in film school.

I had these beautiful dreams, grand visions of what my life would be like out in “the real world,” but the manifested reality of them actually sucked.

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The thought terrified me - that my whole life was going to be just this. And endless cycle of hustling, living for the weekend, burning out, getting sick, and doing it all over again. This could not go on.

It did, though. It went on until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

In 2013, after a year of working as a video editor in the industry, I quit my job to become a freelancer.

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Maybe you’ve left your 9 to 5 and are struggling to build or expand your service-based business.

Maybe you’re still there and trying to create a business that will allow you to escape this world that wasn’t meant for you.

Whenever you are, I’ve been there.

I’ve been the 9-to-5er building a business on the side.

I’ve been the struggling freelancer who hustled to make consistent income.

The freelancer who had to get a job to supplement her income.

The coach who just wanted to make a bigger impact, but didn’t know how.


Now I am The Abundant Freelancer, the one who is here to guide you through whatever stage you’re at in your business.

To help you build it the right way, to craft a business that brings you the time and financial freedom you crave, on your terms. I’m Nikki Z, and I’m here to help you manifest your dreams.

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