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It’s not for lack of trying. Determined to do it all yourself, to figure out how to do your own branding, design your own website, create all of your content, market your business, and somehow still have time to serve your clients, it’s no wonder that you’re feeling like you’re spinning your wheels.

It’s because you are.

That’s alright. I was right there with you, back when I was first starting out online in 2010. It’s how I developed a lot of the skillset I have today. But you’re not trying to make a business out of the tech stuff – you’re just trying to make YOUR business.

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There is power in delegation, in hiring someone to do the things that are outside of your zone of genius, so that you can spend your precious time on the things that you’re truly great at, like serving your clients and providing value.

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Brittany is a Mom Life Coach who helps first time moms implement a lasting and daily self-care practice so that they can put themselves first, in order to care for everyone else who needs them. 

After a year of trying to do it all on her own, she came to this realization:

“I realized that if I continued down this road, it was just a dead end, just another idea, and I would never have the business of my dreams.” 

The business of your dreams is so close to becoming reality. You just need the tools and strategies to make it so. And there is absolutely NO SHAME in asking for help.

My most powerful breakthroughs and uplevels came from investing in my business.

When I asked for help with the things I couldn’t do myself. 

“Nikki brought every idea I had to life better than I ever could have dreamed of and a million times better than anything I could have done myself.

She helped me create my logo, a few pages on my website, listed my offers, and provided a way for people to contact me that are ready to get the help and results they NEED!

 The best part? Not only did Nikki work within my budget, but she also worked in record time! My jaw dropped when she messaged me that my website was done and my link was live after only a week of hiring her!

A freakin’ WEEK!

 I could not even begin to imagine how long that work would have taken me. And all this time, all I had to do was realize that it is OK to ask for help, to hire help, to delegate the stuff that I don’t care to do, to someone who enjoys doing it and does it damn well!


People ARE reaching out!

They’re asking for my help!

They’re asking me about my services!

And they’re LOVING my website and everything that my business stands for!”

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Brittany Riley, Conquering Mom Life

This can be your story, too.

And we will write it, together.


A Custom Logo

We will transform your logo from a well-formed dream into physical reality. Through a series of exercises, you will discover exactly what you’re looking for in a logo and effectively communicate your ideas to me so that I can design the perfect logo for your brand.

A Beautiful Website 

You deserve a website that’s as awesome as you are. We will discover your messaging and get you ready to invite your tribe to become your clients. I will empower you to be able to create content on your own website, so that you can bring those beautiful ideas to life instantly.

Complete Content Branding

Once your logo and website are created, it’s time to dive into content branding. That’s everything from your Profile Pictures on Instagram or Facebook, Facebook Group Cover Photo, Instagram Highlight Images, IG Story Templates, and Quote Graphic Templates for your feed.

A Marketing Strategy 

Take your clients on the journey from finding you to working with you. We will open the gates to your business, and guide your potential clients across the threshold and along the path from discovery to sales, in a way that feels totally natural, fun, and full of ease.

A Content Strategy 

Knowing what to talk about to allow your audience to know, like, and trust you, while educating and providing value, is as much of an art as it is a science. We will develop a content strategy that positions you as an authority in your field, and feels aligned AF.


It is so so important to me that we vibe with each other. The bond between client and freelancer is sacred. We are putting our trust in each other, our faith in your vision, and collaborating on bringing your dream into reality.

For this reason, I have potential clients fill out an application, then set up a call with me. The call is to get to know each other so that you can become comfortable with me, and I can get a feel for you and your business, all before we start the process of working together.

 I invite all committed coaches and service-based business owners that are aligned with this offer to apply. I am so excited to get to meet you, talk with you about your business, and help you bring it to life. 

I’m ready to apply!

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