The Abundant Freelancer

Burnt Out & Stuck to Abundant AF 1:1 Coaching

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…without taking on more clients.

 If you are ready to stop slaving away at an hourly rate, hustling for every dollar you make and start seeing real results – like more money in your bank account, more often, and time freedom to do the things you love – you’re in the right place!

I’m going to lay it down for you.

 I know what it’s like to feel trapped in your freelancing business, working too many hours for not enough money, to hustle your butt off the week before a vacation so that you can survive while you’re not working, just to spend weeks after catching up from the lull in your income.

You’ve taken online courses that have done nothing for you, read every book on marketing, listened to all the podcasts, joined every 3/5/however-many-days-long challenges that you’ve never finished and hundreds of freebies and emails are clogging up your inbox – all this, just to try to piece together the secret blueprint to having a successful freelancing business.

And even with all that, you still have no idea if you’re doing this right, or if you’re ever going to be able to stop the constant hustle.

 Between trying to serve your current clients, finding new ones, maintaining your Instagram, and creating content for your website, it’s no wonder you’re feeling like you’re fighting an uphill battle.

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Imagine how you’d feel if you:

  • Were so productive that you literally collapse time and get more done in less hours.

  • Had a business model that allows you to work less while making more income and a bigger impact.

  • Charged what you’re worth, rather than what you think your potential clients will pay.

  • Knew how to market yourself online and gain clients from Instagram in a way that feels good that you don’t feel sleazy or salesy at all.

If you’re ready for your business to become fun, easy, and abundant AF, my 1:1 Private Coaching Experience is for you.

 When we work together, you get individual, personalized attention and guidance so that you can transform your freelancing business into one that you love, and one that loves you back. I walk you through my signature system for becoming more productive and organized, creating expanding your income without taking on more clients, and marketing your freelancing business just by being yourself. 

The Abundant Freelancer 1:1 Private Coaching Experience is all you need to finally make freelancing work for you, rather than you trying to make freelancing work.

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Through our Coaching Sessions, you will learn: 

  • How to create a productivity framework that works for you, and literally reduces your work hours per week.

  • How to take your big projects and break them down into smaller, manageable components.

  • How to track your progress and hit your goals every week.

  • How to create a business model that gives you time and financial freedom by packaging your expertise into courses and digital products that make you money while you sleep.

  • How to create your first online course.

  • How to market yourself on Instagram to attract a tribe of raving fans.

  • How to launch your first online course in a way that feels fun and exciting to you. 

You will also get my Content Creation Workbook so that you can create consistent, valuable content that speaks to your dream client or customer and gets you recognized for your unique gifts. 

The last thing you need is another course or freebie promising you the secret blueprint to having a successful freelancing business.

You need a tested, proven, easy-to-implement system that teaches you how to get more done in less time while simultaneously setting you up for financial abundance. You need The Abundant Freelancer 1:1 Private Coaching Experience.

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You will have unlimited access to me via Voxer, so you can ask questions in between calls to keep the momentum going.

For those 12 weeks, I am 100% here for you and focused on your business.

+ I’m busy. Like, really busy. Will I have time for this? 

I get busy. I was running my freelancing business full time, planning my wedding, and keeping my household running WHILE participating in a coaching program and building my own coaching business SIMULTANEOUSLY. I get that you’re wearing too many hats, in and out of your business.

For that reason, I ask that you dedicate just two hours per week – one hour for the coaching call, and one for implementation. I give easy, actionable tasks so that you can move forward at a steady pace without putting too much on your plate. 

+ I’ve hired other coaches and taken courses, but I didn’t get much out of that. How is this any different?

Good question! A lot of other coaches are only interested in teaching you their framework. I listen to the vision you have for your freelancing business, and how you want to feel in the process, before guiding you to take action.

I have had my fair share of disappointments in coaches and courses where I felt I was being taught to do something that wasn’t right for me and my business. I ask questions about what you truly desire and help you forge the path of least resistance to the business and lifestyle you crave, so that you may allow it to form in your own image.

I teach you my framework, but we shape it to fit who you are as a person and as a business owner.

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+ This offer sounds AMAZING but the investment is too high for me right now. I really want to work with you – do you have a group coaching program?

I do! It is my favorite thing I’ve ever created, too. It’s called The Abundant Freelancer: From Burnt Out & Stuck to Abundant AF that follows the same framework I teach in my 1:1 Coaching Experience.

Each week for six weeks, I upload your content to your course portal and we meet on our group coaching calls. I keep this group super intimate so that you get all the attention you need.

The program comes with a 1:1 call, and I even have a bonus 1:1 call, plus you get access to my mini-course, Lit Instagram, and The Content Creation Workbook. Enrollment is open until September 22nd, and we start on the 23rd!

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I am here and ready to answer any questions you have about working with me or specifics of what we will cover during our time together. I only want to work with those who are aligned with my energy and ready to go! If you think that might be you, let’s have a no-pressure conversation to discover how we fit together.