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Eclipse: Awaken Your Inner Being

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Music for the Spiritual Entrepreneur Who is Ready to Connect with Their Inner Being & Open the Floodgates of Inspiration

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The first time I truly felt the physical presence of my inner being, I was in the middle of a Kundalini Yoga vinyasa. I held each pose for the correct amount of time, and the moment I hit the seventh asana in the sequence – I felt it.

The Kundalini energy shot up my spine and struck my fourth chakra – Anahata, the Spiritual Heart – with a bang. The energy was intense and ecstatic. It shot from my heart, through my arms and out of my fingertips.

 It happened so fast, and when it was done, I felt one with my environment. I moved my hands through the air, feeling a slight resistance like I was under water, and saw the room shift with my movements.


That was in January of 2016, and since that day, I have been on a journey to awaken and become conscious of my relationship with that higher self.

Months later, I received my first communications from my inner being in the form of clear, concise words. It was a cool spring night, and I was meditating – silently chanting a mantra for Brahma, a Hindu deity that I felt energetically aligned with at the time. This particular mantra, “Aham Brahmasmi,” is translated to “I am The World,” or “I am The Creator.” 

In my meditation, I silently sang Aham Brahamasmi to a tune I had created with the intention to give it more power. Intention attached to music is that much more effective, which is one of the many reasons music is so prevalent in spiritual and mystical ritual in every culture, every religion in the world.

 Then, my inner being spoke. I recognized it immediately as what it was. The energy of these thoughts were calm and had the feeling of stillness and truth. They felt different than egoic thoughts, and I felt them in my Anahata.

I was receiving cosmic truths about the nature of manifestation, and what I must do – who I must be – to create the reality I was dreaming of. 

At this time, I was in a job that sucked the life out of me – a hostile work environment. I held to the vision of working from home, freelancing as a content creator. Every day, I listened to the Tao Te Ching on audiobook, and 528 Hz music – both this album and on YouTube.

528 Hz is the frequency associated with the energy of love and the manifestation of miracles. It is a frequency used in biofeedback to help remove impurities and bring your body into a state of natural balance.

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I left my job for another, one that allowed me to use my talents in video editing. I had that job for just two weeks before I realized that I wasn’t being paid enough for the work I was doing. The following Monday, I was let go. I intuitively felt this was a nudge to finally go after my dreams. 

That’s when I decided to stop refusing the call of my soul to commit to freelancing. I went home, and with my last $50 to spare, I invested in Seth Godin’s Freelancing Course. And so my adventure began.


I created this album in 2014, but never did anything with it. It has been a constant companion on my entrepreneurial journey. When I get stressed, I listen. When I need a mood boost, I listen. When I want to unlock the floodgates of inspiration, I listen. 

Eclipse is tuned to A444, a tuning where C resonates at 528Hz.

Each song is embedded with alpha, theta, or delta brainwave frequencies to align your brainwaves with a specific state of consciousness.


8 Hz to 12 Hz

Alpha brainwaves are present in conscious meditation and mindfulness, while day dreaming, and in the moments of falling asleep. This is a brainwave of relaxation and creativity, and can be used to alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression. Alpha frequency can help you fall asleep, or, when listened to before or during projects, unlock new creative perspectives to aid you in your work, and awaken your inner being.


4 Hz to 7 Hz

Theta brainwaves occur during REM sleep, moments of heightened insight and creativity, and in deep meditation. Theta releases dimethyltryptamine (the spirit molecule), which is the chemical that causes us to dream. This frequency can be used to go into deep meditation, to sleep, unlock the floodgates of inspiration, reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen intuition, and connect with your subconscious.


0.5 Hz to 3 Hz

Delta brainwaves exist in the deepest levels of meditation, and in dreamless sleep. If you listen to this as a meditation, with your eyes closed and laying down, I dare you to not fall asleep. Delta is used for overcoming insomnia and in health restoration. When listened to consciously, this brainwave brings advanced awareness and access to the unconscious. It is the entrance to non-physical states of reality.

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This album is designed to take you from the conscious thinking mind, to the deep, inner knowing of the subconscious.

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Are you ready?

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