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 The Eight-Week Live Group Coaching Program for the Online Entrepreneur Who is Ready to Break Free of Trading Time for Money & Create an Abundant Online Business

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“I am tired of being at the whim of difficult clients.”

“I am exhausted and burnt out from having to be IN my business ALL THE TIME if I want to make any money.”

“I crave financial security that my business currently isn’t providing.”

“I want to take vacations and sick days without blowing through my savings and spending weeks or months catching up.”

“I want to create passive income so that I can have more time freedom, but I don’t know how or what to teach.”

“I don’t have any certifications and I worry I won’t be taken seriously if I do create a passive income product.”

“I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to marketing myself online.”

“No matter what steps I take and systems I follow, I can’t seem to attract clients.”

Ring any bells?

How would it feel to have business that gives you both time and financial freedom to live the life of your dreams and feels totally in alignment with your soul’s purpose?

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You can create a business that gives you an abundance of time and money, WITHOUT the burnout.

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I’m Nikki Z, a freelancer turned coach, and I’ve been where you are.

I built a successful freelancing business around my content marketing and design services, only to become a slave to that business. I have been at the whim of unreasonable clients with ridiculous demands and felt like a remote employee rather than a freelancer.

I’ve worked for long stints of time without a break, and burned out completely. I’ve taken “vacations” for the holidays, been asked to “just do this one more thing” during that time off, and blown through my savings just to live during the week off.

I’ve had clients totally ignore my business hours and policies, calling and texting me on the weekends. Been met with an “ugh” text when I say I am unavailable.

That business left me feeling frustrated, disempowered, and discouraged.

In February of 2018, I realized that my freelancing business had become a job. I felt myself slipping back into the same emotions of overwhelm, bitterness and anguish I felt while working at my corporate video job. I knew I had to do something, and fast, or I might get caught in a negative thought loop, become completely stagnant, or even slip into depression.

Just a few months later, I had a debilitating accident involving my left hand. My fingers were fractured at the middle knuckles and I had excruciating swelling inside of my bone marrow. I was on heavy painkillers that left my brain feeling foggy and had difficulty concentrating on anything.

I couldn’t even fully take time off to recover, because I didn’t have a savings, or health insurance, so I had to continue to work to make rent and pay my mounting medical bills. Still, I could only handle working 1 to 2 hours a day, and had to learn how to type with my right hand only, while my left rested in a splint on the arm of my chair. Since my business required me to trade time for money, my finances suffered greatly.

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I launched my first product, The Content Creation Workbook, in August of 2018. I was so proud of my product, and felt like I had a winning marketing plan. I didn’t. I made just a few sales, and soon realized that a $200 launch wasn’t going to make that big of a difference in my business.

I knew that if I wanted to create a sustainable stream of passive and residual income, I needed some serious help. After ages of trying to do everything on my own, feeling like I had to prove to myself that I could be successful without anyone’s help, my pride took a backseat when I saw I would never be able to scale back on trading time for money if I continued to use the same strategies that had gotten me to this point.

I needed help.

I had been following a business coach on Instagram and signed up for her 5 Day Challenge. By Day 3, I had received so much value and insight into my business that when she offered her signature program, I was already sold. I bought it immediately, and waited eagerly for the day it began.

I went through two of her coaching programs, and learned how to create a six figure business model that provides time and financial freedom. I learned how to become magnetic to my dream tribe. And, most importantly, I learned that I wanted to be a coach, so that I could facilitate the same kind of massive transformation for others as that coach did for me.

I created this program to help the service-based entrepreneur that feels trapped by their trading-time-for-money business model and wants to create an abundant online business that gives them time and financial freedom. To give them the action steps they need to create that business and market it in a way that feels good to them. To help them discover the skills they already have that they can turn into group coaching programs and passive income products and keep the money flowing into their bank accounts, even when they’re on vacation.

I invite you to go on this journey of transformation with me. We will walk the path together.


3 Problems You Will Say GOODBYE to After Fierce AF

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Connection is the new marketing, and telling your story is the way to create that connection with your audience. Using The Hero’s Journey, a pattern found in myths, books, and movies, you will learn how to confidently tell your story across long-form and micro-content to inspire deep trust between you and your tribe, making you irresistible to your dream clients and customers.

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By taking the journey through your story, you will discover what you are here to teach. You will create an abundant business model that will allow you to finally get ahead in your finances, and beyond that - create sustainable passive income. With your high to low end offer structure, you will be able to give yourself those mythical paid vacations that are about the only thing you miss about your 9 to 5.

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Following the same process used to bring films from the conceptual stage to a theater-near-you, you will develop your idea for your signature group coaching program or DIY course. You will create a detailed outline and production schedule to keep you on track and always knowing what step to take next. By the end of the program, you will be ready to begin creating and marketing your first offer.

“Nikki is an amazing coach and The Hero’s Journey is epic! She is so knowledgeable, and extremely helpful where you need it most. The training she’s created around The Hero’s Journey is so important and gives insight into our own journey, turning points in our lives, and where we are going.

It really opened up my mind to share my personal journey and do the inner work on my past, bringing up my accomplishments, epic memories, past careers that have led me to this business, and boosted my confidence! Nikki really helped me dig deep into my story and become inspired again!”

Jen Baucom - Mindset Coach, Blogger
The Best Version of Her
1:1 Coaching Client

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  • Eight Weeks of Content with Fun Worksheets and Exercises

  • One 1:1 Coaching Call to Fine-Tune Your Hero’s Journey Story

  • Eight One-Hour Live Group Discussion Calls via Zoom

  • Life-Time Access to the Program + Any Future Updates

  • Private Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs & Friendships that Last a Lifetime

  • Intimate Group Coaching with Individual Attention via the Facebook Group & Workshops During Live Calls

  • My Eyes on Your Business Throughout the Entire Program

It’s time to break free of trading time for money and FINALLY create a business that is abundant AF!

Are you ready?


Week One: The Hero’s Journey 

In Week One, we will explore The Hero’s Journey - a pattern found in Hero myths across many cultures and used to write screenplays and books like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Miss Congeniality, Lord of the Rings, and other epic tales. We will dive deep into the steps of The Hero’s Journey, how to view your life through that lens, and how to apply it to your own story. The story you will tell depends on your dream client and the problem you solve, which we will uncover in this week as well.

Week Two: Your Hero’s Journey

This week, I will share my Hero’s Journey story, as well as two stories from students who went through Round 1 of this program, so that you can see how this concept applies to business and your brand story. This story will serve as the foundation for your marketing strategy, and help you determine the offers you will create later in the program. In this week, you will schedule your one on one call with me and we will fine-tune your story. This process can be used repeatedly to create blog posts, podcast episodes, and videos.

Week Three: Extracting Sub-Plots From Your Story

In books, films, and TV shows, there are sub-plots contained within the overarching story. In Week Three, we will find and extract the sub-plots from your story. This will give you endless ideas of stories you can tell on your blog, podcast, videos, and social media to give your tribe the opportunity to know, like, and trust you. You will also learn the elements of story structure for creating this content when you are ready to use it in your marketing.

Week Four: Your Aligned Marketing Strategy

In Week Four, we will explore the different platforms and tools available to you in the online space to market your business. Every person is unique in the ways they enjoy showing up online - some prefer blogs, others love podcasts, and many love hopping on live video, while the same thing may seem like pure torture to another. This week, we will create a marketing strategy around what feels the most exciting to you, so that you are giving your energy to the things that will make you magnetic to your dream client.

Week Five: Your Abundant Business Model

Week Five is all about creating a business model that will allow you to break free of trading time for money and finally create a business that is abundant AF. We will discover the yearly income that sounds abundant to you and how to price to reach that goal. We will brainstorm offers from high-end, to mid-range and low-end offers, so that you have services, programs and products for every type of client that comes your way, and make a product-creation-schedule for you to follow for the year ahead.

Week Six: Developing Your Signature Offer

In Week Six, we go into the Development and Pre-Production Phase of creating your signature offer. You will decide what kind of product you are creating (group coaching program, DIY course, or masterclass), the problem this product will solve, and how you will solve help them solve it. We will make a detailed outline of what you will be teaching in each section of your program, the companion worksheets and workbooks to each section, how you will be presenting the content, and the platform you will host the product on.

Week Seven: Your Production & Post-Production Plan 

In this week, we will design a schedule for the production (recording/making worksheets and graphics) and post-production (editing, etc.) phases of your signature offer. In these schedules, you will have detailed action steps of everything you need to do in order to create your signature offer, as well as a timeline for getting it done so that you always know what you should be doing and when. This will keep you on track for launching within the next three months of completing Fierce AF.

Week Eight: The Fierce AF Launch Plan 

In our final week, we create your sales page for your program, design your schedule for all of the backend actions that you will need to do before taking your offer live. You will create your marketing strategy for launching your signature offer, using my Fierce AF launch plan template, which is full of ideas of posts to make. Here, we will develop your entire marketing campaign that will include telling your Hero’s Journey story, connecting with your tribe, and preparing to fill your program.


The first time I ever hired a coach, it was a terrifying decision. I had only ever paid that much money for a car. What I found through each time I invested with coaches (three times so far, and counting!), is that my next big financial up-level existed at the very edge of my current budget.

Yes, it’s scary. And it is so, so worth it.

In the early days of my journey of hiring coaches, I was only able to do so because they had a payment plan that fit into my budget. That’s why I'm providing three payment options - so that you can invest in yourself and your business, no matter what level you are at right now.

Paypal and credit card options available at checkout

Three Payment Options

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Next Round Starts on September 9, 2019! Get on the Waitlist:

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This program is for the online entrepreneur who is READY to break free of trading time for money, start showing up Fierce AF online, and become magnetic to a tribe of people who are ready to work with them.

Fierce AF is perfect for the freelancer, coach, or healer who is currently bringing their dream business into reality, is looking to create courses and products for passive income, and raise their prices for their 1:1 services. It is for the online entrepreneur who wants to break free of their trading-time-for-money business model so that they can create the life and level of abundance they crave, and become magnetic to their dream tribe.

It begins September 9, 2019 and runs until November 1, 2019.

The next round starts September 9, 2019. Cart opens the week of July 22, 2019.

Program Cost: $2,222 or 6 payments of $377/month or 12 monthly payments of $197.

Each week, you will go through the trainings and assignments contained in this program. As you move along your path, you will go through a journey of transformation that will get you super clear on your story and how to tell it, and how to use it in a marketing strategy that feels amazing and is totally unique to you. You will create an abundant business model with exciting offers, and learn how to bring your signature offer from idea to launch in a matter of months.

Once a week, you will have a LIVE coaching call with me to ask any questions you may have about your business, your life, or the course material. I will be here for you every step of the way to make sure you are getting the most out of your experience with Fierce AF.

I am here to walk the path with you.

This program is for the online entrepreneur who is ready to make their dream reality.

The online course content will be available to you for life. 

My intention in running the “Fierce AF” program is to help you become the abundant entrepreneur you know you are meant to be, and create the business of your dreams. See you inside!