The Abundant Freelancer


The Abundant Freelancer: Get Paid For Every Minute You Work Micro-Guide

This micro-guide is for the abundant freelancer who wants to maximize their income threshold. It features a template and techniques for recording your hourly output so that you can charge what you're worth.

Though primarily targeted for those who operate on an hourly rate, it is also useful for freelancers who work on a per-project basis, as the techniques within help you audit yourself so you can make sure you're quoting at a rate that is fair to you!

As freelancers, it is so easy to accidentally underquote a client for a project. Knowing exactly how long a type of project takes you for the first draft, then any addition edits thereafter, can help you accurately quote so that there are no surprises for your client, or for you later.

It’s time to get paid for every minute you work!

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