The Abundant Freelancer

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You chose this path because you wanted the freedom and flexibility of working from home. You wanted to choose what projects to invest your time and your passion into. It was your deep desire to create an abundant, consistent, and cap-less income that allowed you to live life on your terms.

Things didn’t quite go according to plan, did they?

The truth is, as long as you continue to trade time for money, you will be stuck in a cycle of overworking, burnout, and unpaid vacations that cause you to drain your savings and your sanity reserves.

I know the feels, because I’ve been there.

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This is the story of many a freelancer or coach who provides one on one services. Whether you’re a designer, content creator, 1:1 coach, or healer, you feel the burn of constantly playing catch up on your finances, never quite achieving the abundance you have envisioned for yourself.

This is your story. At least, until you create some passive income teaching what you know how to do.

I’m Nikki Kahl, a freelancer turned coach, and my passion is helping service based entrepreneurs break free of their trading-time-for-money model and finally creating a business that is abundant AF.

Through my courses and coaching packages, I guide you through the process of creating an abundant business model that gives you time freedom and allows you to live life on your own terms.

You discover how to become magnetic to a tribe of people who love you and are excited to work with you. You will learn how to communicate with and nurture that tribe through your content strategy.

You will align with the mindset skills and action steps you need to transform into the person you must become in order to lead that tribe, and receive the abundant online income you crave.

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Fierce AF, my signature course, takes you on a journey through your own story so that you can uncover what you are here to teach, how to create a structure of offers and mindset that will allow you to receive an abundant online income, and how to become magnetic to a tribe of people who are ready to buy those offers.  

This is a live group coaching program that includes one 1:1 call. Round 2 begins on September 9th and runs eight weeks long! I am holding space for a limited amount of people so that I can be fully present for each soul who chooses to go on this journey.

If Fierce AF sounds like it was made for you, I invite you to learn more about the program via the button below.