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Do you want to show up as a leader for your tribe, but you’re hearing crickets on your blog or Instagram? If you’re not gaining the traction you want, it likely just comes down to one thing: Your content!

Lack of frequent posts, or inconsistency in the message of what you post is why you’re not getting the response you want from your audience! You’ve got to be specific in your message, who you help, and show up as a leader by providing both free and paid content, every day.

At The Abundant Freelancer, you’ll find my Content Strategy Freebie, which will help you break down the main topic of your business into related sub-topics, so you will have an abundance of ideas of what to talk about on your blog or Instagram! My Content Strategy Workbook and Content Creation Workbooks go even deeper into the concept, opening the floodgates of your inspiration so that you can say “goodbye” to posting paralysis and show up as the leader you are meant to be for your tribe!