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Lit Instagram: An Introductory Class to Social Media Marketing

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In this class, you will learn how to craft a lit AF Instagram bio that immediately inspires interest from potential followers

You will learn how to captivate your audience through storytelling that makes an impact, so that you can become magnetic to your dream client or customer

You will learn how to interact with those who leave comments on your post in a way that creates real connections and starts conversations

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Become Visible to Your Dream Client on Instagram

Are you ready to break through the noise of your industry and become not only visible, but magnetic to your dream client? Instagram is the number one way to grow your business using social media, especially if you have a younger target audience. Lit Instagram is an introductory class to social media marketing on Instagram for millennial business owners who have a personal brand and want to make authentic connections with their tribe, so that they can make an impact and reap the monetary benefits of doing so.

I’m Nikki Kahl. I believe in breaking through the noise to make an impact. I empower millennial business owners just like you to show up Fierce AF online as the leader for their tribe. I do this through teaching feel-good, online marketing techniques that captivates audiences and starts conversations, so that you can begin to cultivate real relationships with your dream clients and customers.

My journey as an online entrepreneur started in 2010 while I was still at The Art Institute of California, Los Angeles. I studied Digital Video and Film Production and began my freelancing career to help pay my way through school. I specialized in photography, graphic design, video production and video post-production. I freelanced my way through college until I was hired at Merle Norman Cosmetics as their Video Production and Digital Media Coordinator.

I quickly found I was not cut out to be an employee, and I left the company after just one year, to become a full-time freelancer. After I left, I struggled. Freelancing was inconsistent, so I attempted to supplement. My journey involved odd jobs, failed blogs, Etsy shops, and even a psychedelic rock band, as I tried and failed to create a sustainable online business.

In 2016, I decided to fully commit to freelancing, and built my online content marketing business, using all of the knowledge I gained from my time at Merle Norman, and years of trial and error in my own endeavors. After two years of freelancing, I felt called to teach others how to do what I know how to do - how to create an abundant online business, doing what they love.


Lit Instagram Will Help You:

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Craft a lit AF Instagram bio that immediately inspires interest from potential followers.

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Captivate your audience through story captions that make you magnetic to your dream client.

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Connect with your audience through insightful interaction in the comment section of your posts.


Marketing Your Business on Instagram Can Be Fun Again

Marketing your business on Instagram doesn’t have to feel salesy or hard. It can be a fun aspect of your business and a way to authentically connect with those you want to help the most. Lit Instagram teaches you how to market your business by just being yourself - no tactics, no gimmicks, just full expression of yourself and what makes you the totally awesome entrepreneur you are, and the solution to your dream client or customer’s problem.

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Skillshare is a membership platform that gives you access to Lit Instagram and over 26,000 other classes to help you on your journey as an entrepreneur, for just $15 per month. I chose to partner with Skillshare to make Lit Instagram accessible to more people, so that I could make a bigger impact. I believe we all deserve to do meaningful work that we love, and Lit Instagram will help get you there.