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Lit Instagram Waitlist


Want to make your Instagram Lit AF? 

You’ve seen them - the pretty Instagrams of influencers making them bank while your Instagram is crickets and cobwebs. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have an Instagram that’s lit AF and makes you proud to show it to potential clients and customers, one that makes you want to show up every day as a leader for your tribe.

In my “Lit Instagram: 30 Days to Making Your Instagram Lit AF” course, you’ll learn how to brand your IG bio and maximize your link-in-bio real estate, how to create content that reflects and adds to your services and offers, how to craft a Lit AF caption that gets people to tap the follow button and click over to your profile, how to make all of your photos look consistent, how to pick the right hashtags, as well as growth and engagement processes.


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