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One-On-One Business Coaching

You have a clear vision of what your life should be – the abundant online business with dream clients who light you up when you work with them, the lifestyle of being your own boss and setting your own schedule, and the huge impact you’ll make on those you work with, all while doing work that you love. It’s a vision so strong that you can see it, and feel as though you can almost reach out and touch it.

Then reality sets in.png

Where is my ideal client?

How do I reach them?

Is my pricing right?

Should I post more on Instagram?

Do I post too much?

Should I do live video, or a podcast, or all the things?

What should I be offering?

So many questions, with an equal amount of conflicting information online. Google has become both your best friend and your worst enemy.

But you’re resilient. You know you will find your way and create that beautiful dream business of yours. You know you will make it a reality, if someone could just show you the way…

That's where I come in.png

Hi, I’m Nikki Kahl. Over the last two and a half years, I have created an abundant online business around my branding, design, content creation and marketing services. I’d tried it all to make money online – blogs, Etsy shops, albums and freelancing, but with little success for years. Then, when I decided to fully commit to freelancing and apply everything I’d learned, my business flourished.

I’ve since realized a higher calling – coaching. I love teaching other freelancers and coaches create their own version of abundance in their businesses. I have dedicated myself to empowering them to reach tell their story, become magnetic to their ideal client, and create offers that resonate with the core of their being and sets their soul alight.

We all have a purpose, a unique vision to help that we have been called to realize.

Vision into reality.png

My one-one-one coaching is for the woman who: 

  • Knows her ideal client is out there looking for her, but doesn’t know how to reach that client

  • Wants to become magnetic to her ideal client and needs a branding makeover

  • Loves Instagram and wants to use it to grow her business

  • Has an epic story to tell, but doesn’t know how to tell it

  • Knows she has so much to give and wants to create an abundant business plan to help share her gifts with the world AND get paid for it

  • Has an idea of what she wants her business to be, but has trouble bringing it into reality

  • Struggles with Posting Paralysis – she needs help with creating an exciting content strategy that allows her to show up consistently as the leader for her tribe

  • Just wants someone who understands her vision to help her bring this dream into the world so that she can finally realize her full potential

How does one-one-one coaching work?

This is a three month coaching 1:1 coaching program that includes a one-hour call per week. Each of the following topics gets one month dedicated to its focus:

Attraction Branding.png
  • Discover your niche and create a brand that magnetically attracts your dream client

  • Get a professionally designed logo and color palette

  • Create an Instagram bio that immediately captures your dream client’s attention

Reach your ideal client.png
  • Learn how to tell your story in a way that captivates your audience

  • Discover how to teach through your experiences

  • Get a tailor-made content strategy that plays to your strengths

Create offers.png
  • Create an abundant business plan with high end to low end offers

  • Design an exciting opt-in freebie that leads into your paid products/services

  • Get a captivating sales page for your high end 1:1 service

I have two beautiful options for working with me:

The first is the three month, all inclusive option, where you get everything outlined above.

The second option is to customize your package by choosing one or two of the services, for a one or two month coaching program.

Everyone’s journey is unique, and business is not a one-size-fits-all deal!

Use the buttons below to Apply to Become a Client or to Book a Free Strategy Call to get a taste of what coaching can do for you and your business!