The Abundant Freelancer

One-On-One Coaching


One-on-One Coaching

You know you are meant for so much more. More than hustling 24/7 and making micro-steps toward your dream. More than that 9 to 5 you want to leave so badly. More than trading time for money, getting burnt out, or feeling trapped in your job or business. You know there is more to life than this.

You are meant for so much more.png

You have a clear vision of your dream life:

The abundant online business with dream clients who light you up when you work with them.

The freedom of being your own “boss” and working on your terms.

The lifestyle of taking vacations and still having an abundant bank account.

The huge impact you’ll make on those you work with.

The bliss of doing work that you love, in a way that fits your vision and personal style.

This vision is not only possible, it is inevitable.

The dream the universe.png

& I can help you get there.

I’m Nikki Z, a freelancer turned coach, and I am committed to helping service-based entrepreneurs break free of trading time for money to finally create a life and business that is abundant AF.

I know the cycle of freelancing all too well:

Work on projects that are less than exciting, just to make rent.

Take on more than you should, get burnt out.

Take a week off to spend the holidays with your family, spend the next 3 months catching up financially.

Rinse, repeat, until the end of time.

It doesn't have to be this way.png

You CAN have a business where you only work on projects that bring you joy.

You CAN do less in your business, and make more.

You CAN take a month off, and still have money rolling in.

You CAN say goodbye to financial worries, burn out, and trading time for money.

The answer to your business woes lies in creating passive income.

I teach freelancers, coaches, and healers how to create an abundant online business. We craft an abundant business model revolving around your high-end services, down to mid-range products and services, and passive income products so that your business is always working for you, even when you are not.

In this 3 month 1:1 coaching program, we will:

Discover Your Dream Client.png

We will dive deep into your story to discover your dream client & how you’re uniquely suited to serve them.

Aligned Audience.png

You will learn how to tell your story in a way that captivates your audience and teach through your experiences, and develop a content strategy that allows you to deliver these lessons.

This will allow your audience to know, like, and trust you, so that when you are ready to sell - they are ready to buy.


We will an abundant business plan that includes your high-end 1:1 services, mid-range products and services, and passive income products so that you can finally have both time and financial freedom.

What you’ll get:

Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls + Recordings of Each Call If Desired

Access to Me Between Calls Via Voxer

Workbooks for Writing Your Story, Creating Your Content Strategy, & Crafting Your Business Plan

If you are ready to break free of trading time for money and create a life and business that is abundant AF, I invite you to work with me.

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