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Ep. 01: Creating a Lit AF Content Strategy

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Content is the cornerstone of any good business strategy. This episode explores creating a content strategy that feels really good and right for your business – one that will help you attract the tribe that you want to get in front of.

If you’re not getting the engagement you want from your content on your blog or social media, you’re not being clear in your message. Your message is, simply put, how you can help people get a result. You’re talking to a very specific person that you serve, and all of your content needs to speak to that specific person.

How to Get Clear on Your Message

If you want to speak to that specific person, you need to get clear on your message and who you serve. There is a simple formula that will allow you to do so:

I help __________ do __________ by __________ so that they can _____________.

Example: I help business owners target their niche by creating an engaging content strategy so that they can attract their ideal client or customer.

With that statement in mind, you can create content that speaks directly to your potential client or customer.

Expanding on the Main Concept of Your Business 

I work with a client whose main topic of his business is projector reviews. The site is based on getting product in for review, which is only a few projectors a month for each reviewer. If we only ever talked about reviews of projectors, there would be a serious gap in between publishing content. To get around that, I expanded on the main topic of his business.

I split his main topic, projector reviews, into six sub categories so that I would have many things to talk about, and never run out of types of content we could post about:

Main Topic: Projector Reviews

Sub-Topics: Home Theater, Projection Mapping, Projector Gaming, Professional Uses for Projectors, Outdoor Movie Nights, and 4K

Another example I’d like to give is the content strategy for my own business, The Abundant Freelancer.

Main Topic: Abundant Freelancing

Sub-Topics: Content Creation, Content Strategy, Instagram Marketing, Building Your Dream Business, Making Sustainable Income Online, Abundance Mindset

Using Your Sub-Topics to Theme Your Days

After you break your concept down into the six sub-categories, you will assign each topic to a day of the week. Using my client’s strategy as an example, Mondays I talk about Home Theater, Tuesdays are all about Projection Mapping, Projector Gaming on Wednesday, etc. 

I teach this in my Content Strategy Workbook and Content Creation Workbook, both of which go deeper into creating a content strategy and calendar. The Content Creation Workbook takes it a step further, with worksheets on creating your first blog post, engaging titles, micro-content for social media, and resources for creating content quickly and easily. It also comes with a group coaching program that provides direct access to me so that you can get the support you need to create a super successful content strategy.

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