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Pre-Order The Content Creation Workbook: Your Guide to Creating an Awesome DIY Content Strategy

Pre-Order The Content Creation Workbook: Your Guide to Creating an Awesome DIY Content Strategy


The Content Creation Workbook is an interactive guide to help passionate solopreneurs, artists, writers, musicians, freelancers and startups create their own complete content strategy for their blog or social media that will keep the content flowing for months to come.

If you're tired of trying to figure out what to post on your blog and/or social media day in and day out, this workbook will guide you through a tried and true process for opening the floodgates of your inspiration. In The Content Creation Workbook, you will uncover untapped topics for you to post about in your niche and brainstorm ideas for each topic so that you will never run out of things to post!

What You’ll Learn:

·      How to Create a Full Content Strategy

·      How to Craft an Awesome AF Blog Post

·      How to Write Engaging Blog Post Title

·      How to Create Your Own Content

·      What Apps and Resources to Use

·      Where to Find Free Photos

·      How to use the Workbook if all you’ve got is a social media platform and no desire to create a blog!

The Content Creation Workbook is versatile and can be used whether you’re a blogger or social media lover.

What You Get:

·       The Workbook

·       19 Printable Worksheets

·       Individual Worksheets to Use with iPad and Apple Pencil (Or print individually)

·       Group Coaching to Ensure Success, via a Secret Facebook Group

·       Freebie: 21 Personal Blog Post Ideas

·       Freebie: Awesome AF Blog Title Templates

·       Freebie: Wanderluster Custom Handwritten Font for Commercial Use

Pre-Order the Workbook today to lock in the low price! It launches TOMORROW and I will be raising the price when it does!

When you pre-order, you will receive your workbook almost immediately via email with a personal thank you from me!

 “I was lucky to have been an early receiver of this workbook and it was really helpful. I didn't know much about content marketing but this was pretty easy and plug-and-play and I could churn out a month's worth of content in about one evening!”
- Rashmi B.

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