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The Content Strategy Workbook

The Content Strategy Workbook


Are you frustrated about your content strategy? Feeling frustrated about only putting out content when you get the inspiration, but can’t seem to get consistent enough in your posting to attract the tribe you know are out there? Maybe you have the ideas, but just need a blueprint or someone to tell you what to do to finally make it work. If you have trouble consistently coming up with content to post on your blog or social media and want to build your audience using a proven strategy, this workbook is for you.

You know how important content is for building your audience, and boosting the traffic to your blog or social media accounts. You’ve been spinning your wheels for a long time, but can’t seem to figure out how to make your dream work. If you continue on this path, it won’t be long until the constantly changing algorithms of Instagram and Google render you invisible to those you could help the most.

I’ve been a content creator for over a decade, but when it came to my own businesses, I totally lacked consistency.

I wrote blog posts and articles or posted on social media only when inspiration hit, and when I was just starting out, that wasn’t often. My followers were lucky if they got one piece of content a week from me, and sometimes, I’d even go weeks in between writing! I was never able to build trust with my audience or grow beyond a certain number. Those businesses plateaued and then eventually fizzled out.

The first time I developed a content strategy was for a client who had me take over about 90% of his content creation. After working with him for over a year, it became clear that we needed to be posting more content than just home theater and business/education projector reviews and the occasional article written from a press release. His audience deserved more value, and I knew we could provide, but “there’s only so much you can talk about when it comes to projectors.”

If you’ve ever had trouble expanding beyond the main topic of your business, you’ll love this next part.

I took his idea and split it up into sub-categories - things that were related to projector reviews but weren’t the reviews themselves. I started creating content about home theaters, projection mapping and stage design using projectors, gaming on projectors, using projectors in professional settings like classrooms and conference rooms, outdoor movie night inspiration, and 4K movies. I expanded on his main topic, and the engagement on his social media accounts exploded. I started doing this for myself after I saw all that success, and then decided to create this workbook for you.

 “I was lucky to have been an early receiver of this workbook and it was really helpful. I didn't know much about content marketing but this was pretty easy to plug-and-play and I could churn out a month's worth of content in about one evening!”
- Rashmi B.

What You’ll Learn

In The Content Strategy Workbook, you will learn how to break the main topic of your business down into sub categories that you will then use to come up with specific ideas of content to create. You’ll learn how to take those ideas and implement them into a consistent strategy that will have you saying “goodbye” to the days of not knowing what to post, or feeling like you’re disappointing your audience when you know you have so much more to offer! I’ve learned that every day you wait is a day you live without the solution, so click the button below if you’re ready to get inspired, be consistent, and become magnetic to those who need to hear your message!


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