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3 Story Writing Prompts to Spark Creative Posts


This morning, I found inspiration on Instagram. This really amazing woman I follow on the platform posted a writing prompt for her tribe, and I just got so so excited because I realized this is something I can be doing for all of you!

Here are three writing prompts to spark ideas for creative posts on your Instagram, blog, podcast, or for your live videos.

The moment I decided to become an entrepreneur, I...

What was the moment you decided to become an entrepreneur? Where were you? What were you doing?

The moment I decided to become an entrepreneur, I was editing videos in my office at Merle Norman Cosmetics. The campaign I was working on was designed to entice women into investing into their own Merle Norman Studio so that they could be their own boss.

I was animating the Be Your Own Boss title for the video. I stared for hours at those words, animating them and editing them, adding sound design and music, until...

I decided I wanted to be my own boss.

At this point, I could continue on with the story, or I could end it here if I’m posting on social media. Either would be impactful.

If I were posting this on Instagram, I might continue the story over several days. This is something I love to do - tell longer stories over a period of time, leaving each post on a cliffhanger.

After I decided to become an entrepreneur, I was scared of...

There is a moment in every Hero’s story where they refuse the call to adventure. It’s usually due to a fear or limiting belief.

This will look different for everybody. After I decided to become an entrepreneur, I was scared of:


Disappointing my family.

Making the wrong decision.

Not knowing what to do.

Quitting my job.

What were you afraid of? Or, if you’re currently in this stage, what ARE you afraid of?

Whatever it is, write about it and share it with your tribe. You may find that someone out there feels the exact same way that you do, which will inspire comfort and connection in you both.

On my journey, the book/podcast/coach/speaker that has been the most impactful for my business is...

The Mentor is an archetype that manifests in books, films, and myths as a being who imparts wisdom on The Hero that they later use in their journey.

For us, those mentors manifest as books, podcasts, films, videos, coaches, and speakers. The people behind them inspire us to be better, to think differently, and to create our reality that reflects our wildest dreams.

Who did that for you? Some of mine are Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Seth Godin, Pat Flynn, Katherin Zenkina, Lauren Eliz-Love, James Wedmore, and numerous others.

I’d ever consider Baloo from The Jungle Book to be a mentor of mine, with his advice in the song “Bare Necessities.”

Mentors are everywhere.

Who is yours?

Want to learn more?

Fierce AF is currently open for enrollment! In Fierce AF, I teach you how to use The Hero’s Journey (an ancient pattern found in myths that is now used to write films and novels) to write your own story.

We then apply that story to a content strategy that is designed especially for you, and allows your audience to know, like, and trust you, so that they are ready to receive your offers when you have something to give.

After that, we dive into creating an abundant business model that helps you finally break free of trading time for money so you can have paid vacations and work as much or as little as you want.

The final weeks of the program are dedicated to tribe - how to be a leader of your dream tribe and how to communicate with that tribe.

Then, the very last week, we make sure you have the tools to be confident from the inside out so that you can go out and be the Fierce AF being you know you are meant to be.