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3 Ways You Can Be of More Service to Your Target Audience

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You got into business because you have a passion. You’re a problem solver – you’ve got a unique set of skills and talents that you want to offer to the world. In our businesses, we often get sidetracked with numbers, SEO, analytics, accounting, and other business-y things that are necessary to attend to. It can be easy to get wrapped up in that and forget what you started your business for: to solve a problem for a specific type of person.

Your ideal client or customer is the reason you went into business in the first place. You wanted to change their lives for the better. Whether you’ve got a product or service based business (or a combination of both), your main objective always boils down to one thing: providing value for your target audience. This post goes into three ways you can be of more service to your clients and customers so that you enter into that symbiotic relationship that creates the byproduct of income for you.

1. Ask Yourself, “What Am I Super Good At Doing?”

The easiest and most harmonious way to create value for your audience is to do what comes naturally to you. What are you already super good at doing? Make a list of all of the things you are really, truly good at. Maybe you know how to take a big goal and break it down into actionable steps. Perhaps you help people figure out what their goals even are. Or maybe you are really good at inspiring people to take action in their business.

These are all things from my own list, just to provide a few examples of the type of things that may end up on your list. Your list will be different, but feel free to take those three from mine if they resonate with you! Write about 10 ideas down. Then, once you’ve got it all written out, brainstorm How To’s you can create for each. For example, a blog post for one of mine might be, “How to Take Your Big Goal and Break it Down into Actionable Steps.” Wow, doing it. See how valuable a post like that can be?

2. Give Away Your Best Stuff for Free

Whaaaat? But I need to make money! You will. By giving your best stuff away for free.

It takes the average potential client or customer a ridiculous amount of time to decide to buy from you. They want to make sure you are worth the investment, especially because they are constantly being bombarded with Facebook and Instagram Ads that promise their big breakthrough from the latest self-proclaimed guru. This free content builds trust, and with trust comes raving fans. Raving fans become customers.

It breaks down like this: You give your best stuff away for free, the potential client or customer tries it out, has success from it and finds value from what you’ve provided, and then they become a raving fan. They think, if she/he/they are giving away this kind of value for free, what will they do for me when I give them money? Cha-ching, money in the bank for you, insane value for them, and the symbiotic relationship begins.

I give away one of the pages in my Content Creation Workbook for free. It’s easily the best worksheet in the whole dang thing. My pride and joy, and I give it away as a freebie for joining my email list. Why? Because that one worksheet alone will transform a person’s content strategy for their blog or social media. It is the catalyst for major change in the way you think about your business, and the way you show up in the online space.

But, it is only the tip of the iceberg. The Content Creation Workbook goes into so much more detail and allows you to do so much more planning and dissecting of your business, giving you much more to talk about and the tools to create content on a consistent basis. That’s why the worksheet is free – to give potential customers a taste of what’s to come if they choose to invest in themselves by purchasing the product and included coaching program.

Use the same strategy for yourself – if you've got a product, take a piece of that and provide it as a free worksheet, template, or video. If you do video, you can either make that a public video on YouTube, or an unlisted link if you want it to be more private. Should you want to make that free video the first part in a training series, you can make the other videos unlisted and provide links when people pay through Paypal. You don't even need a website or eCommerce set up in order to get started with creating a product. I'm pretty sure I'm going to create a training on this very thing, now that I'm writing about this. Writing this stuff for you guys often gives me great ideas for products.

3. Be Vulnerable!

Share your personal stories of how you’ve overcome shit in your life. Your struggles, your failures – these are all gold! Being vulnerable about your flaws and how you didn’t used to be so successful can yield HUGE results in your business, because it allows your audience to see that you are human. That you’re a lot like them, because you have had your own struggles in the past and you still do. This fosters a feeling of compassion, comradery, and allows them to connect with you on a basic human level.

Blog posts and social media posts are an excellent way to do this, but I’ve found that I personally connect best with people when I hear the story from their own mouth, in a video where I can hear their voice and see their facial expressions. This gets me to instantly vibe with a person and closer to buying their product. For example! Lauren Eliz, from Badass Business Babe.

I have been following her on social media for a while, and she’s always posting super valuable content, and super vulnerable posts. I kept following her for that reason, even though I wasn’t intending to buy anything from her. Then she came out with a 5 Day Challenge (excellent for getting people to subscribe to your list), and I heard her voice for the first time. Instantly I was like, “YES, this girl.” She provided me with amazing content in the first days of this challenge, and shared super vulnerable stories that made me connect with her, because she is not so different from me!

On Day 3, Lauren announced that enrollment was open for her 6-Figure Biz Babe coaching program, available a day early for her 5 Day Challenge Babes. What did I do? I BOUGHT that shit. I invested in myself and in her because she provided me with free, valuable content and shared her story so that I could connect with her on a personal level.


Go Forth and Provide Value

If you do any one of these suggestions, you will be taking massive strides in providing value for your audience. Over the course of a few months, if you don’t see positive change in your business, I would be totally surprised. Like, baffled. The only way these things wouldn’t work for you is if you only kind of do them – that is, if you are inconsistent in providing value for your target audience. To help with consistency, you can grab that freebie I mentioned earlier via the button below.

Using that one worksheet will help you expand on the main concept of your business to create relevant topics that you can create content around, so that you don’t run out of ideas. If the worksheet helps you and you want to dive deeper into creating a content strategy for your business, the link to the workbook is at the bottom of that worksheet and you can check it out there. Thanks for reading! DM me on Instagram and tell me which of these suggestions helped you the most.