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Design Assets: Simple & Clean Font

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I first started designing on Photoshop back in 2007 when my grandma installed it on my computer – I was 17. She wanted me to create a flyer or something for her yacht club, and thought that since I was the artist in the family and totally tech savvy, I'd have no problem doing so. She was right. I dove right into it, and fell in love with graphic design immediately.

It wasn't long before I discovered, a free font site where people actually made their own fonts that I could download for personal use. A lot of these artists will just give away their fonts for free for commercial use too, but for some, you've got to buy the license. Ever since then, I have wanted to create my own handwritten fonts because my handwriting is cute AF, and sometimes, I just can't find the fonts that are in my head.

Enter my iPad and Apple Pencil, an instrument I've added to my design toolbox just earlier this year. I love it and use it for everything that I can! I quickly set about looking for a good font creator app, and found one in iFontMaker. It's what I used to create this handwritten font and some other fonts I have available/will have available soon.

Fun Fact: My Simple & Clean font's name was actually inspired by the intro song to the video game Kingdom Hearts, which is the video game that got me into gaming.

The font is available via the button below and comes with a license for both personal and commercial use.