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Setting Intentions: Paving the Way for a Month of Successes + Freebie

September 3 - Setting Intentions.jpg

Your focus determines your reality. I believe it was Qui-Gon Jinn who said that, or rather, George Lucas, who wrote the screenplay of The Phantom Menace. Alright, huge Star Wars fan here – the teachings of the Jedi often fall in line with what I know about the nature of reality and the power of the mind. I’ve been on the mindset train for nearly a decade now, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it’s true: Your focus truly does determine your reality.

Knowing this, I am surprised at myself that I didn’t start this sooner. Yesterday, I decided to set my intentions for the month of September. Intentions of the level of success I am going to have, the way I am going to feel emotionally and physically, and how connected I am to my inner being, the place within myself that has no thought, only stillness.

I am surprised at myself because I know that without clear instructions, the subconscious mind has nothing to act upon, and defaults to patterns that, more often than not, are not serving us. For me, it defaults to these patterns I learned in my youth that kept me stuck in a life where I was not living to my full potential. Given clear instructions – setting intentions – the subconscious mind then guides us to the experiences, people, and ideas that we need to move forward in our goals, in the form of perceived conscious decisions.

So yesterday, I was sitting on the couch waiting for Mike, one of our best friends, to come over to play video games and eat delicious food. I had the sudden inspiration to write out my intentions for the month so that I can move forward in a more powerful way, with more joy and less resistance. I grabbed my iPad and started making a cute “Intentions for the Month of September” image for myself, because I quite enjoy graphic design, and as I wrote out my first three intentions with my Apple Pencil, I received an idea.

Why should I be the only one who benefits from this?

If I made this into a printable template, I could give it out for free on my blog for anyone who wants to set their own intentions for the month. I could change out the month at the start of each new one and post that so that others can go on this journey with me. Success doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and the more people I help to be successful, the more successful we all become.

That’s the worksheet below. Just right click and hit Save As to download to your computer and print from there. I filled it out to the bottom – but that was no easy task. After about one third of the way down, I had to really think deeper about what I wanted. That always surprises me, when I don’t automatically know everything that I want, because it shows me that I don’t really have it all figured out. I know that, of course, but it does provide some good perspective on where I am at, allowing me to close the gap between where I am and where I want to go.

To your success!

Intentions for the Month of September Freebie.jpg