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It is Safe to Go After Your Dreams


It is SAFE to go after your dreams.

Did you know that?

When we have a desire – a deep, burning desire – it is a call to adventure from our soul. 

A call to step out of our ordinary world, and into something special. 

Every Hero of every story you know and love gets one of these.

Harry Potter gets his call to adventure when he (finally) receives his letter from Hogwarts. 

Frodo Baggins gets his call to adventure when Gandalf the Grey tells him he must destroy The One Ring.

Katniss Everdeen gets her call to adventure when her sister, Prim, is selected for The Hunger Games, and she volunteers in Prim’s place. 

Agent Gracie Hart gets her call to adventure when a terrorist threatens to bomb The Miss United States Pageant, and she’s the only FBI agent that can go undercover. 

Moana gets her call to adventure when her island becomes diseased, and she must voyage across the sea to find the Demi God, Maui, who is responsible for the island dying. 

That desire you have within to start your business, create a course, build a membership, or make a shift is YOUR call to adventure.

If you’re feeling hesitant, I get it. 

Our Heroes feel hesitant, too. So much so that they often refuse the call.

This can manifest as doubt, fear, or anxiety. Something we’re all familiar with, at some point or another, when we start something new.

“Can I really do this?”

The answer is YES!

You can. And you will.

If you have the desire to go forth and create something new, or transform what already is, you are fully supported in that desire.

What it takes is dedication to the dream, persistent, aligned action, and trust in the timing of your life.


What’s the Rush? 

Everything unfolds with perfect timing, when all the cooperative components have aligned. The right people will be directed to you. The perfect moments will be delivered to you. Trust in that, while taking persistent, aligned action, and your dreams WILL become reality. 

So often, we want to rush the manifestation of our dreams. This goes against the nature of things.

Stalactites take over a hundred thousand years to form, growing at just 3mm or less per year.

Pineapples take 18 months to grow. 

Do you want all the good food that you will ever have in your entire life right now, in this moment, or would you rather it be delivered in portions, meal by meal?

Things take time, and things like your business take time to build solid foundations for future growth. 

Be patient, stay the course, and you will reach your destination. The game is rigged in your favor.


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