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There is No Gatekeeper to Your Success


There is no gatekeeper to your success. No troll asking you to pay a toll to cross the bridge into your new life.

In screenwriting, there is a character archetype called The Threshold Guardian. This comes from The Hero’s Journey pattern of storytelling.

The Threshold Guardian appears in our story at various points, depending on what will cause the most trouble for our Hero at that moment.

Uncle Vernon acts as The Threshold Guardian to Harry entering The Wizarding World when he seizes all letters that come from Hogwarts, going to extreme measures to do so.

When Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker enter Mos Isley to secure a ship for their mission to Alderaan, the Storm Troopers who stop them, asking for identification, act as Threshold Guardians.

The only Threshold Guardian in your story is YOURSELF.

That’s right. You are the only one who has the power to block the crossing of the threshold into your success.

This is something you do consciously at times - such as when you talk yourself out of an investment or action that you KNOW would propel you forward - and also subconsciously.

Consciously, you might be able to talk yourself out of talking yourself out of something good for you.

The subconscious is a whole other beast.

There is a part of your subconscious that acts as The Threshold Guardian whenever you want to change or take bold action that you’ve never done before.

It is called “The Critical Factor.”

The Critical Factor’s primary function is to act as a filter between your conscious and subconscious mind.

When you attempt to change yourself consciously, perhaps with affirmations, The Critical Factor is responsible for either accepting or rejecting that conscious thought.

If your conscious thought, your affirmation, is “I am successful,” and your subconscious holds data about all the ways you have not yet been successful (beliefs), that affirmation is going to get rejected by The Critical Factor.

“No, you’re not,” it says, and The Critical Factor throws it out.

Anything that is not in alignment with the beliefs your subconscious holds is going to get thrown out.

This is why you may find it hard to change a habit, or break through to the next level of abundance.

The Critical Factor is your gatekeeper, The Threshold Guardian to your success - but the good news is, it’s you! This is something that is within your own mind, and we have the power to transform our mindsets.

When we try to change at the conscious level, if that change isn’t in alignment with our beliefs, we meet an immense amount of resistance!

The key is to go to the source - the subconscious.

There are many ways to shift your subconscious beliefs. Hypnosis, affirmations paired with the theta brainwave frequency (the frequency of the subconscious mind), and taking bold, consistent action in the direction of your dreams.

I believe in utilizing all three.

When you want to become successful, abundant, or anything else you desire, you must do so at the level of identity.

That means, to have a successful business where you work just a few hours a week, make more than you did at your 9 to 5, and be able to travel to your dream vacation spots, you have to become the type of person who has that kind of business.

Your behavior must change before your reality can.

I do this exercise quite often:

I ask myself, “Who would I be if I had (insert desire)?”

I write out all the things I would be doing if I already had all of the things I desire.

Then, I do them. Now. Simple as that.

At first, there may be a great level of resistance to behaving in this new way. But through consistent, repetitive action, you will break through the barriers keeping you stuck where you’ve been.

Change your identity, and your behavior to match that identity, and you will change your life.