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Productivity Practices for the Abundant Freelancer

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Productivity is something all freelancers – and those who work from home – seek to infuse into their businesses. The idea that we can make a few small shifts and experience profound results in our work is absolutely delicious.

Though there’s a plethora of good information online, from many sources, it wasn’t until I compiled all of my findings into a system – and stopped working from my To Do List – that I mastered productivity in my business.

Stop Relying on Your To Do List

To Do Lists are amazing tools for productivity, but used incorrectly, they are a trap that can sneakily consume our days. We can start out with the best intentions, filling our lists with all the things we think will make tomorrow easier.

Only, that single To Do List never seems to stop growing, and multiplying. It can be hard to feel like you’re making progress.

That’s because, simply put - you’re not.

There’s a way to use that list as a tool that, when applied to a time management system, gets you closer to completing your goals with ease. With some simple shifts, you can collapse time and get more done, without working more hours.

I used to be on the strug-bus when it came to managing my time across multiple clients and projects as a freelancer. I was absolutely exhausted, trying to keep up with mounting demands and losing my brain over constantly switching tasks.

I worked all day, but felt like I never actually got anything done.

That was because I was disheveled. I hopped from task to task, never realizing that the way I was working was what was causing me to feel like I was running around with my pants on fire.

Through trial and error – my signature – I created a time management framework for myself to flow in. I studied some of the best productivity techniques and compiled them into something that worked for me.

The result? My income doubled. No joke. That’s because I was working smarter, not harder.

Creating a Framework to Flow In

I am a total go-with-the-flow kind of lady. I’ve tried planners, calendars, and productivity systems. Through all that, I found that when I shove myself into a box, and follow a rigid set of rules, I don’t follow through. I can’t. I get cranky.

After trying to force myself to be something that I’m not – things would be easier for everyone if we all stopped trying to do just that – I decided to cut myself some slack. I don’t believe in hustling, I don’t believe in pushing, and yet here I was, trying to be a hustler that had a strict productivity system I followed to a T.

Instead, I made a productivity framework that is modular. That means, I can shift things around depending on how I’m feeling. For instance, I am a big supporter of theming your days to get more done.

Theming your days takes similar tasks and groups them together, so that your focused on one type of task at a time. To this day, I have what I call “Writing Wednesdays,” which is one day a week where I focus solely on writing for my clients, and for my business.

Some days, the Writing Muse might come a day early – on a Tuesday. Am I to close my door to her, just because I had dubbed Tuesdays my Podcast and Video Production day? No! I shift my days around so that I can welcome in the Muse, and close the door to resistance.

So while I have a productivity framework, which is a super left-brained and masculine thing to have, I invite in the feminine by allowing myself to flow within the framework.

Collapsing the Timeline of Success 

Time is a limited resource. Money is not. 

I used to be so afraid to invest in myself, because I didn’t have a lot of money. Every dollar seemed to have a job, so I was the Freebie Queen. I played that game for a really long time. That’s how I learned a lot of what I know about productivity and time management.

I thought that using free content to build my online business was the key. I felt I was smart enough to fit the pieces together and become successful on my own.

And I was.

It just took me 7 years to do it!

Yep. I was a struggling freelancer for 7 years before I invested in a course to teach me how to do it right. I had to reach a point where the pain of continuing to go it alone was more than the pain of parting with some cash. And that one course changed everything for me.

Then, I invested again in a coaching program. Then another, and another, and another - the one I’m in now, Business By Design.

Because at some point, it clicked that my time was more valuable than money. That I could always make more money, but I couldn’t get my time back.

Now, you can absolutely be successful learning from free content. It’s just going to take you years longer than if you invested in yourself.

Do you have 7 years to spend figuring this all out on your own? Or would you rather spend $1000-$2000 ONCE and collapse that time into one year?

I think you know the answer.

By finding a coach, a course, a mastermind or a membership that intimately understands the problem you are having, you will collapse the timeline of your success. You will solve your problem, and solve it quickly, rather than wasting your valuable time trying to figure it out yourself.

The Abundant Freelancer Course

I have been in the trenches of freelancing. I’ve been a struggling freelancer. I’ve been a successful freelancer. Now, I am an abundant freelancer.  

I tried so many things on in my freelancing business. Throughout my 10 years of being a freelancer, I have found what works for productivity, pricing, business model, and marketing so that I am able to work less and make a great impact and income, without taking on more clients. 

The Abundant Freelancer: From Burnt Out & Stuck to Abundant AF is a compilation of all of the tools, techniques, and processes that have enabled me to go from a stressed out, exhausted, overcommitted freelancer to one that works 20 hours or less per week.

It’s not about how much time you put into your work, how many hours. It’s about how you use the hours you have. If you want to work smarter, not harder, I invite you to check out the program.

I have a lot of awesome bonuses that you get for signing up – an extra 1:1 private coaching session, The Content Creation Workbook, and the Lit Instagram Mini-Course – we start on September 23rd!