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Self-Love Exercise: 5 Things That Are Awesome About Me

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It’s Self-Love Saturday! Working from home or working remotely is a total joy, but sometimes we work ourselves too hard, for too long. Sometimes client interactions leave us feeling icky, or we have our own insecurities that crop up. That’s why I decided to theme the first day of our weekends in this way, because no matter who we are or what’s going on, we are all deserving of love, especially from ourselves.

Today’s exercise is called “5 Things That Are Awesome About Me.” List five things that make you totally awesome – this may be easy for some, difficult for others. Choose anything you like about yourself. This can be your eyes, your ability to listen, your compassionate nature, your clothing style, the creative skills you have in your business or hobbies – really anything that makes you go, “Hell yeah, I’m awesome!”

You can definitely list more, and you might have a giant list by the end because once you get the ball rolling, the momentum gains and your ideas flow more easily. So, list as many as you can. Next, make your list pretty and post it by your work space! It’ll serve as a nice reminder of how great you are during your week.

If you want to share your list with me, I’d love to see it! Post it in the comments or on the @theabundantfreelancer Instagram post with the same image. Happy Saturday!