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21 Day Challenge: I Am Creating a Life That is in Alignment with My Passions

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If you’ve been in the success mindset game for a while, you know that having a mantra that represents a belief you wish to integrate is highly important. For those of you that are new to this idea: These mantras, when repeated for several weeks, become integrated into your subconscious mind as instructions to act upon. That is, you begin to absorb these words into your belief system, and through constant repetition, they become true for you.

This month’s Success Mantra is, “I am creating a life that is in alignment with my passions.”

We all have interests and talents that ignite passion within us, and excite us to the very core of our being. Life, and our businesses, are meant to feel this exact way. Tragically, I think, sometimes many of us entrepreneurs and freelancers have to take clients and jobs that are less than exciting for us, just to pay the bills.

This mantra, when repeated morning and night, will bring you closer to creating this feeling in your life and business on a consistent basis. There is some debate as to how long this will take – one school of thought says it takes 21 days to integrate a new belief, others say 60 days. I say, it depends on how tightly you hold onto the belief that you do not have what you want yet. For me, I generally see results within a week or two, but most should fall between that 21 to 60 day range.

The 21 Day Challenge:

Repeat this mantra to yourself every day when you wake up, and every night before you fall asleep. You can say it or think it as many times in a day as you like, and even ritualize it by saying it every time you wash your hands, have a meal, or perform any other activity that you do every day. 

Do this for 21 days straight and record what happens each day. How do you feel? What sort of thoughts are you having? Are any opportunities arising? You can use a journal or you phone for this challenge - whatever is most comfortable for you! Be sure to check back and comment on this post or the one on Instagram, DM or email me, after your challenge is complete. I want to hear your results and celebrate your wins!