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The Abundant Freelancer Micro-Guide: Get Paid for Every Minute You Work

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I created "The Abundant Freelancer Micro-Guide: Get Paid for Every Minute You Work" as a tool for freelancers to become more abundant. It includes a template for recording your hours and how much you get paid per project, per hour, so that you can make sure you're charging for every minute you work, instead of possibly giving away "free minutes."

Before I fully committed to my freelancing business, I used to kind of estimate how long something took me to work on, and I'd lose money because of it. I didn't know this at the time, but after some time, it became clear to me, and I developed a technique to make sure that never happened again! So, now I'm sharing my technique with you.

This technique also did something for me that I didn't expect - it allowed me to raise my prices. Since I was recording exactly how long projects were taking me, I was able to see if I was truly charging enough for how much effort went into it. After all, if you have a goal of making $75K a year, and you're charging a low hourly rate of $25 an hour, you'd have to pull $60+ hour weeks and never take a vacation.

If this sounds like you, check out my (free) blog post about creating an abundant pricing structure - one that is in alignment with your financial goals. I probably should've slapped a price tag on that one, but hey, I like giving you free stuff to add extra value to your life. So, check that out, and pick up this guide if it sounds like something that would benefit you!