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Content Creation & Marketing Package

I help businesses target their niche by creating exciting, on brand content for their website so that they can attract their ideal customer. This includes a done-for-you content marketing strategy and weekly content for your website, with graphics for posting each written piece on social media. Packages are customizable for your business needs and posting frequency, and are billed as a flat rate on a monthly basis, allowing you to include content marketing as a part of your budget.

Content Type Options

Blog Posts

post Category options

How-To Posts
List Posts
Informational Articles/Reviews

Don't See Your Industry?

If your industry is not on this list, please feel free to contact me. This list represents just a broad view of some of the most common industries that I have expertise in, excluding some of the more niche businesses. Your industry's absence from this list is not a reflection on whether or not I can create content for your business.

For example, I work with a client reviewing business, education, and home entertainment projectors, and creating on brand written and video content surrounding this topic. This company has a very specific audience, so it is not mentioned as its own topic - instead, it would fall under the "Technology" category. I can be reached via the New Client tab, or you can book a free call.

Industry Options

Meditation/Yoga/Holistic Health
Recording Studios
Fine Art
Digital Art
Design (Graphic and Interior Decorating)
Video (Production and Post Production)
Photography (Digital and Film)
Handmade Goods (Etsy)
Life/Business Coaching



Freebie Creation Package

I help businesses, freelancers, solopreneurs and startups attract new leads by creating a freebie to offer in exchange for an email address, so that they can build trust with their target audience and an email list. Freebies are an absolute must for any online business - when you give away some of your best information for free, your audience receives tons of value, and start to become potential customers.


Video Series
How To's
Video Tutorials

Freebies are professionally designed with your branding materials and are delivered as PDFs (except in the case of a video series). Video series are shot on site by yourself or a member of your team (iPhones are perfect for shooting free videos) and professionally edited by myself, complete with motion graphics to complement the content.

Check out my Freebie Library for examples of the types of Freebies I offer for my own site to get an idea of what we can create together for yours. No idea of what to offer? No worries. We will develop this together.


Product Creation Package

I help businesses create their first product by expanding on the lessons taught in their Freebie offering so that they can package their expertise into a sellable product. The Product Creation Package is intended to be the next step after creating your Freebie offering. Alternatively, we can create your product and then take a single page, video, template, etc., from that product to offer as a Freebie. This is what I did with my Content Creation Workbook. I will help you brainstorm your idea, then break it down into actionable steps so that we can design your product together. Your product will be professionally designed using your branding assets.

If you wish to sell a video course on a website such as Udemy, Teachable, or Skillshare, I will assist with this process as well. Should you want to sell on your eCommerce website (such as Squarespace), I will package your product to be delivered on that platform. eBooks can also be formatted and published on Amazon Kindle so as to reach a wider audience.

Product Types

Video Courses
Slideshow Courses
Video Series
Digital Journals


One-On-One Content Marketing Coaching

I help businesses target their niche by creating a 3-month branded content strategy so that business owners or their team can consistently create valuable content for their audience. During the three month period, I will monitor the content that goes out and assess where the content can be improved for greater engagement (likes, comments, shares). At the conclusion of the period, we will take a look at your analytics and determine what content worked for your audience and what did not. At this point, we can continue on with another three month contract or, if you're feeling confident, you can go forth and create on your own!

Billed as a single flat rate
for a 3-month period